Dharmendra Singh

Full Stack Web Developer

Hire me to develop websites, and database applications that work seamlessly on mobile and desktop platforms.

Surrey, BC, Canada

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Technical Knowledge

  • Web Platform

  • Asp.Net
  • Asp.Net Core
  • Asp.Net MVC
  • Blazor
  • Language

  • VB.Net
  • C#
  • Database

  • MS SQL
  • SQLite
  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • XML
  • Mongo DB
  • Front End

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • CMC

  • Craft
  • Umbraco
  • Joomla
  • Magnolia

What is Social Innovation?

Social innovation, is the process of developing effective solutions to meet challenging social, and environmental needs.

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I build solutions that cultivates compassion, removes poverty, rebuilds society, and makes accountability and transparency a reality.

While there are countless platforms available to create a website, there are none geared to build innovative custom solutions that will meet the unique set of needs required by social innovation platforms.

It is common practice for businesses and organizations to conduct one research after another without ever developing a solution based on the recommendations of any of these researches.


Because they don’t have the people who know how. I know how to apply creative insight and intuitive knowledge to develop innovative platforms that will work for you.

  • Examples of Custom, Social Innovation Solutions

  • A Mindfulness Tool, designed to help people track their thoughts and emotions using their mobile device so they can move away from suffering towards happiness will require a custom solution.
  • 2 Trillion dollars of material goods end up in the garbage dumps each year. This is killing our planet and everything on it. Moving these material goods effectively and efficiently from those who have it, to those who need it so that it doesn't end up in a landfill somewhere, can be accomplished beautifully using a custom solution.
  • Designing and building a web based solution that will empower us to meet the challenges of natural disasters more successfully, is the search for a custom solution.
  • An initiative to bring transparency and accountabillity to a country’s health care system will also require a custom solution.

The need for custom solutions are endless and we can help.

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What we offer


We specialize in complex custom web projects, from small business websites and corporate applications, to non-profit initiatives.


Asp.Net, MVC, .Net Core, HTML5, CSS3, SQL Server, Javascript, Angular. We teach you how to create real world solutions, from conception to launch.


We will work with you to identify which challenges can be successfully managed through an innovative solution. Then we will build and launch the needed custom solution for you. You will be able to identify the sihtuations that are needing social innovation applications. The applications that are in the project will also be the same.


We specialize in .Net hosting and are completely confident in our hosting quality and customer service. Try us for a FULL 60 days before you decide to buy.


Let us help you in getting a responsive website so you can reach all your customers including those who use their mobile devices to search for you.


We can help you design the relational database needed for your application and write all the T-Sql queries, Triggers, and Functions needed to perform the operations.


Just choose a package plan that works for you and we will do all the work.

Custom Solution

Every problem poses unique challenges and complications. As a result, a custom solution will need to offer functionality and flexibility that will allow it to adapt to varying problems in diverse ways.

Be it an Inventory Management System, Healthcare Solution (EHR, EMR etc), or an application that empowers people to create a world that is socially, economically, and ecologically more sustainable; they will all call for a unique set of custom approaches towards an innovative solution.

We understand how powerful a well designed solution can be in empowering you to carry out your mission more efficiently, and effectively. Contact me to discuss how we can help to make your work easier without the fear of massive price tags and the technological complexities that usually accompany such projects.

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For front-end design, we provide services in HTML5, CSS, Angular, Bootstrap, Javascript. We design meaningful interfaces that are strikingly beautiful. They will capture the attention of your audience and deliver your message in a powerful way.
Relational database design and development, writing efficient queries, stored procedures, views, indexes, and functions. Migrating data from different formats and databases including CSV, Excel, XML, Access, mySQL, MojoDB, and Oracle.
In .Net programming, we provide services working with Asp.Net, MVC, .Net Core, VB.Net, & C# including import and intergration of third party assemblies as NuGet packages from GitHub.




HighTechMindfulness.Com is a custom application designed to help people develop their capacity for Mindfulness and Compassion through innovative use of scientific research, spiritual wisdom, and technological wizardry. Users of the application do this by tracking and studying how their thoughts and emotions are impacting their reality using a mobile device or a computer. They can then generate meaningful reports to see where they need to make changes to live a happy and meaningful life.


San Francisco

The project goal was to launch a line of innovative software components for the mental health and addictions sector that for the first time in history gave us an indepth knowledge on how technology can be combined with creative insight to deliver custom solutions that would tackle stigma, discrimination, and social exclusion while encouraging self advocacy, and systemic advocacy amongst Canadians from all works of life.

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Surrey, BC, Canada

+1 778-953-1950