Setup Your Development Environment

To follow through with the tutorials on this site, please download and install the programs below. Links for both, Windows and Mac platform are provided.

Please be sure that you also have the current updates installed for whichever version of Visual Studio you are using. We are working with version 2.2 (v2.2) of Asp.Net Core and version 4.5.1 and up for Asp.Net web forms.

If I happen to use v3.0 for Core or framework above v4.5.1 for web forms at any point in time, I will make it clear to you.

  • Download Visual Studio and .Net Core SDK for Windows

  • Visual Studio 2019 with the ASP.NET and web development workload. For our purpose, the free version of the Community edition will work splendidly.
  • Download and install .NET Core SDK 2.2 or later
  • The basic components needed for you to get started are contained Asp.Net and Web Development option. For good measure, you may want to select Node.JS also so you dont have to do it later. You can also install additional components as you need them, which I will show you later.

    After selecting your options, click Install.